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What is an aura?

The aura is the electromagnetic energy field that radiates from all things, also known as the subtle body. 

When you become more aware of your own energy & the energy that is all around you, your overall perspective of life widens and more clarity of the moment ensues. Connecting to your energy field & noticing your movement within the larger collective energy, is a great way to empower your life, & recognize the responsibly we have individually, for our energy we put into the world.

How do we capture an aura? 

We use a biofeedback hand plate sensor to measure physiological functions & changes in the body, which will give us a view of your energy patterning in the moment. 

What do the colors mean? 

The colors reflect your different emotional, physical, mental & spiritual states.   Emotions, thoughts, body processes & goals will determine which color(s) you are in the moment.  The placement of where those colors sit around your body, and the intensity of the colors, will give us information about your current energy input and output.

Does the aura change colors? 

Yes, the aura is an ever changing flow of energy input and output. However many people will usually follow certain energetic patterns, which will be represented by their most prominent colors.

What services do you offer? 

BASIC // 4x6 photo+ 1 page color analysis report

*Explains what each color & its positioning means


FULL // 4x6 photo+  in depth aura analysis report

*Color & color positioning, charts analyzing each chakra & its energy output, auric size & wave patterns, personality report....

Aura Photos: Bio
Aura Photos: Portfolio
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